Our Team:

Eurogypsum includes:

  • A General assemblyof ordinary member representatives, which meets once a year;
  • A Board of Directors,responsible for administration and management of the association, elected for a period of two years (renewable), which meets at least once a year. The Board of Directors elects a President and a Vice Presidentfrom its members, to serve for a term of two years.
  • Three committees, set up to meet the various requirements of the association. Each committee has the right to set up working groups for the study of specific subjects. The committees are:
    • The Raw Material Committee;
    • The Environment and Sustainability Committee;
    • The Scientific and Technical Committee

Our Members

A full members list can be found here.

Our Partners

Eurogypsum is:

  • An associate member of Construction Products Europe (CPE), an umbrella group of national and European construction products associations.
  • A member of the Raw Materials Supply Expert Group (RMSG) coordinated by DG GROW, the European Commission department of Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs;
  • A member of the Strategic Coordination Group for the Water Framework and Floods Directives,coordinated by DG Environment, the European Commission environment department;
  • A partner of the BUILD UP initiative: a project part-funded by the EU to improve the energy efficiency of buildings;
  • A member of the European Business Advisory Group for the European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment, coordinated by the JRC-Institute for Environment and Sustainability, a European Commission research agency;
  • A member of the Non-Energy Extractive Industry Panel (NEEIP), a construction industry umbrella group that aims represent specific interests of the non-energy mineral community to the EU Institutions;
  • A member of the REACH Alliance; a business network coordinated by the Industrial Minerals Association - Europe (IMA-Europe), and designed to support implementation of EU chemicals registration legislation REACH.
  • A member of the B&B Platform, the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform; 
  • A member of the Energy Intensive Industries Alliance