Gypsum for modern, sustainable construction

“Building Value for Society”

The gypsum industry is working to improve the lives of people in buildings everywhere. Gypsum is a cost-efficient, low carbon, sustainable construction material. Healthy, beautiful buildings can be created from gypsum.

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“The beauty of gypsum is its sustainability: from extraction, processing and construction to recycling. Gypsum is at once a natural resource and an industrial resource.”

Gypsum is vital for the interiors of all buildings where people congregate, from homes, offices, schools and shops to factories and airports. It provides everyday acoustic and thermal comfort, along with strength and fire resistance. Many modern interiors would not exist without the versatility of gypsum.

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November 27, 2019

European industries unite to call for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

Industry4Europe, a coalition of 149 sector Associations representing the diversity of the EU’s industrial base, today published its new Joint Paper ‘A long-term strategy for Europe’s […]
November 5, 2019

Gypsum recycling is on the rise! Experts discuss solutions to speed up the process

Eurogypsum, the European Manufacturers Association for Plaster and Plasterboard Products, held its 4th European Gypsum Recyclers Forum in Brussels on 5 November 2019. 36 people participated […]
July 29, 2019
On 20-22 September, the European Minerals Day will engage minerals producers all over Europe to host “Quarry and Plant Open Days”. Every second year, around 30,000 […]