Closing the Loop

F0_0244_0000_photo23Eurogypsum wishes to promote in practice an ever increasing culture of sustainable production and consumption patterns for gypsum products and systems within the Gypsum Industry and with the relevant stakeholders in the construction chain.

The European Gypsum Industry is conscious of those challenges which are embedded in the EU environmental policy. The European Gypsum Industry wishes to rationalise even more its efforts in conjunction with the relevant operators in the construction chain to recover construction and demolition waste. The Gypsum Industry takes advantage of the eternal recyclability of Gypsum to move the construction chain towards a positive environmental footprint.

Enhancing the access to natural resources by developing outstanding C&D waste management will divert C&D waste from landfill applying the waste hierarchy (prevent-reuse-recycle-recover-dispose) in accordance with the life-cycle impact of gypsum products and systems (from cradle to cradle).


Waste Prevention: Design for Construction

  1. Promotion of an efficient and interactive dialogue with Construction Site Managers for proper storage,handling, sequencing, fixing and finishing of gypsum products and systems;
  2. Promotion of demountable and reusable partitions for commercial buildings;
  3. Promotion of, whenever feasible, bespoke size boards (plasterboards, fibreboards and blocks).

Waste Disposal Reduction Measures: Design for Deconstruction


  1. Promotion of research and development for the design of gypsum products and systems which ensure that recycling is maximised, i.e. that diversion from landfill is taking place effectively;
  2. Promotion of selective deconstruction and sorting amongst the relevant stakeholders and more particularly the demolition industry;
  3. Promotion of research and development for ensuring the proper recycling of gypsum demolition waste;
  4. Optimisation of the internal recycled material input capacity of gypsum manufacturing plants.