Building Value for Society

F0_0244_0000_Photo21Gypsum products and solutions used every day are designed to:

  • Be manufactured using by-products and recycled materials;
  • Be manufactured with low energy intensity;
  • Be manufactured with low emissions. The main emission of the production process is steam;
  • Use little packaging;
  • Be recycled at the end of their life cycle;
  • Promote indoor air quality;
  • Be sound insulation efficient;
  • Be impact and fire resistant;
  • Be energy-efficient in its use – thereby playing an important role in the reduction of carbon emissions in the built environment;
  • Extend the lifetime of a building thus enhancing overall sustainability

Conclusion: Speed and ease of assembly and finishing mean that constructing with gypsum products is economical and fast. The magic properties of gypsum, and the products’ eternal recyclability, improve the overall eco-efficiency and sustainability of buildings.