Gypsum solutions create freedom in contemporary architecture

F0_0244_0000_webeurogyp(3)A source of inspiration for designers

  • A richness of forms is created when using plasterboard systems. Thanks to its malleability, plasterboard system provides freedom to create new design. The creation never ends. Ceilings can combine lighting elements, sound absorption boards among other many components and partitions can take several forms, right, curves, incorporating niches, furniture, etc.
  • Several types of gypsum boards are available to be used in dry or wet areas. Therefore, all internal spaces can be conceived by delivering high technical performances on moisture resistance, fire protection and sound/thermal insulation.
  • The use of Gypsum as a material for interior decorating has accompanied the history of architecture since time immemorial. Its extraordinary ductility has made it possible to develop functions able to satisfy the decorative requirements of any area with high social, historical and artistic values.

The most flexible construction thanks to plasterboard solutions

Plasterboards allow renovating the building while living in it. Homeowners can renovate and redesign the interior layouts within a short time. This feature is especially appreciated when thinking on the building evolution and its use during the next years: a residential tower can be turned into hotel; a school can become an office building, etc. Future changes can be planned since the first project by placing ‘fixed’ elements such a stairs and lifts, all partitioning can be easily modified whenever the project requires which is not often possible for others than gypsum board systems.