Thinking Globally and Creating Wealth Locally

F0_0244_0000_wealthWith a turnover of over 7.5 billion EURO, the European gypsum and anhydrite industry operates 160 quarries and some 200 factories (plaster powder plants, plaster block plants and plasterboard plants) and generates employment directly to 28,000 people and more than 850,000 people uses our products.

It is one of the few fully integrated industries within the construction products field. The Gypsum Industry covers the whole life-cycle of the product. Indeed, the companies which extract the mineral “gypsum” also process it and manufacture the value-added products and systems mainly used in construction. Gypsum products are eternally and fully recyclable as they always keep their natural properties during use. Therefore, the gypsum companies strive to effectively recycle the products at the end of their life-cycle (demolition waste).

We currently have three main operators covering 80% of the gypsum product market. SMEs are very active in Spain in plaster powder manufacturing, with a direct employment of more than 2,300 employees, operating 26 quarries and 33 plants (powder plant, plaster blocks and ceiling tiles). There are also SMEs active in plaster block and plaster powder markets in other European countries.

So, we have global and small operators of European origin and know-how with national markets to serve with local resources and production. As the costs of transporting plasterboard overseas are prohibitive, the production is done in Europe, with each Member State meeting the needs and legal requirements of local customers. We can say that the Gypsum Industry is “here to stay and to grow” boosted by the European 2020 Strategy.