A Forum To strengthen the shift towards sustainable construction and renovation

F0_0244_0000_eurogypSustainable construction and renovation for green growth is of strategic importance for a sector providing infrastructure, office buildings, schools, hospitals, social housing and comfortable habitats for our citizens. The activities of the European economy and the well-being of people depend on the wealth and innovation of the construction sector.

The sector is significant in terms of employment and growth in Europe. The economic and employment reality is: 14 to 15 million employees in Europe with many local SMEs (3 millions companies in Europe). Since 2008, the construction sector is suffering from the economic crisis (from the construction product manufacturer to the designers, contractors, and demolishers, developers).

Therefore it is urgent that we think green growth for the construction sector and that we develop all its potentialities. This is the reason why the forum was set up this forum to strengthen sustainable construction and renovation throughout the supply chain to reach a win-win situation for all. Anaj Weisgerber says:” the solutions for the sustainable buildings of tomorrow are manifold. The problems are complex involving many parties and covering multiple aspects from the design phase of a building until its ultimate disposal. The European Commission has recently put on its agenda the shaping of sustainable construction and renovation policies to enhance the competitiveness of the construction sector in a sustainable way”.

This is why it is so important to have all actors in the same room to discuss the way forward on this topic knowing that we will only reach tangible results in a collaborative approach with all actors of the supply chain.

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