Resource and Eco-efficient Construction Products and Solutions

F0_0244_0000_webeurogyp(1)The European Gypsum Industry contributes to the quality and sustainability of Europe’s built environment by offering the best interior building solutions.

Those products and solutions are:

  • Safe and healthy;
  • Achieving performance with the best environmental footprint;
    • Products are 100% recyclable;
    • Produced with natural and synthetic raw material in a life cycle thinking perspective;
    • With a high discipline in quarry rehabilitation and biodiversity preservation;
    • Most aesthetically pleasing (including comfort and well being);
    • Most technically competent solutions for fire, acoustics, thermal and structural integrity –impact resistant-;
    •  Easy to use, to install and to dismantle;
    • Most economic.

The Gypsum Industry is indeed leading through Innovation… This is the driving force behind the European Gypsum Industry’s technological and market leadership worldwide.

The Industry Commitment to research and development is deeply embedded in its corporate philosophy. Its continued dedication to developing engineered materials and systems brings value to the customers’ built environment, comfort, health and safety, which ensures the future health and vitality of the European Gypsum Industry.

The shift of the construction industry towards a path parallel to the overarching sustainable development movement is what we call sustainable construction. This effort addresses the entire life cycle of buildings: their planning, design, construction,
operation, modifications, renovation, retrofit, and ultimate disposal.

The principles of sustainable construction should be fully enhanced:

  • Reduce, re-use and recycle resources (design for recycling);
  • Protect nature in all activities;
  • Apply life-cycle economics in decision making
  • create a quality built environment (aesthetics, durability, maintainability,comfort, to name a few quality aspects).