Eurogypsum Vocation In Europe

F0_0244_0000_Photo10Founded in 1961, Eurogypsum is a European federation of national associations of gypsum products manufacturers, based in Brussels and registered in Belgium as an AISBL (International Non-Profit Association).

  • Eurogypsum anticipates industrial changes for a sustainable construction.
  • Eurogypsum adapts to those mutations with win-win policy solutions in constant dialogue with the EU Institutions.

Our main assignment consists in promoting a sustainable built environment for Europe thanks to the environmental, social and economic credentials of gypsum products and solutions.

We fill in this purpose by:

  • Contributing to a sustainable European policy framework towards a green growth with high environmental, social and economic standards;
  • Shaping opinion through position papers, industry best practices and initiatives;
  • Supporting EU legislation with EU funded projects;
  • Developing collaborative networks with relevant stakeholders.